Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kayak Route Change

After doing some more research for my Kayak for Kids fundraiser this summer, I don't think I will be taking the risk of crossing the lake solo since I will still be a relatively novice-ish kayaker by the end of the summer. Instead, I will be revising my route to reflect the same distance, but staying relatively close to the shore so that I'll be safe if something were to happen. I'll save risking my life for another year when I have a bit more experience. If somebody decides to come with me, I might consider going back to my original plan of crossing the lake.

Since I haven't chosen a route or a camping spot yet, I will set out some criteria that I will commit to in order to receive pledges for this fundraiser:
  • I will paddle a minimum of 80KM in 2 consecutive days (Will aim to do 100KM though)
  • I will camp somewhere on the beach along Lake Ontario
  • My starting point will be the Toronto Harbour, so I will not need to drive anywhere (zero carbon)
  • I will only collect donations after I have completed the above
  • Tax receipts will be provided after you have made your donation
Thanks again everyone for your support


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