Thursday, March 22, 2007

Drinking Update

Since I have a few minutes to spare before I head out for the night, I wanted to give you all an update since I'm almost at the 2 week point of my one-month abstinence.

So far, not drinking alcohol is... well.. it's quite dry (No pun intended). Everything is pretty boring actually. I feel pretty healthy and everything, but to be honest, sometimes it's just nice to go home from work and have a cold one.

I guess if I do it for long enough I'll find a way to make things interesting. But I don't look forward to the weekends the same way I used to, I don't have a sense of humour like I used to. Everything is just very dull.

Instead of having a beer after my hockey game tonight I'm going to go home and play tetris. I'm so excited.


george said...

OMG - who doesn't have incredibly fond memories of TETRIS!!! the greatest game ever designed by man, apart from possible chess or zork. if i had known that tetris was a suitable substitute for drinking/sex/state-your-suitable-addiction-here, i would have given it up forever-ago!!! good call, buddy!!!
- g

Crankyputz said...

lol.......well at least you know more about yourself now...

Stop putting yourself through these silly tests.

sis said...

Oh my god, are you admitting you would rather drink? I never thought you'd admit're one of us afterall!

iBrett said...

All kidding aside: I sit here in front of my computer whilst working on my second glass of wine. What you're doing is no easy feat, and it's most admirable. Like you, I enjoy "a cold one" after a long, hard day at work––and apparently on the weekend days, too. I can't imagine not having that to come home to for a whole month.

Good luck with the remaining period of your self-prescribed prohibition. :)

Anonymous said...

Stay away from the cheap wine ibrett,
your friend Parichat from Thailand

P.S - Hi Jeeeem!

Anonymous said...

What were you trying to prove by this excercise?

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