Monday, January 09, 2006

My Resolutions

Here is a list of some of my resolutions. I don't want to call them "New Years Resolutions" because I don't really believe in having a bunch of resolutions once a year. Things come up in my life throughout the year that require me to adjust my priorities, so I essentially have many resolutions throughout the year.

Some of these resolutions had already begun in 2005.
  • Take Mojo for runs more often (2-3 times per day)

  • Find an optimal work/life balance

  • Find more time to read my books

  • Call and visit my Mommy more

  • Find more time at work to research new technologies

  • Stop renting and purchase a Loft in downtown Toronto by March

  • Go to bed earlier and get to work earlier to prepare for the day

  • Drive to Wisconsin to visit my Dad for a long weekend

  • Go back to school part time - Classes start tomorrow

Here's the video of the day: Airplane flies under bridge


iBrett said...

Good luck with your classes, Jim. What are you studying?

Jim said...

Thanks Brett. I'm taking Information Technology Management (B.Comm). The courses I'm taking right now are Financial Accounting and Business Law.

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