Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Economy over Environment?

The United States decided not to attend UN climate talks held in Montreal Canada where 10,000 UN delegates are meeting to discuss solutions to climate change. The United States, which ranks #1 in the world for CO2 emissions accounts for a quarter of all greenhouse gases said in a statement "The United States is opposed to any such discussions."

President Bush and the United States, along with Australia pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol in 2001 saying it would cost jobs and wrongly excluded developing nations from the first set of targets. My question is; what good is it to have jobs if you don't have an earth? Greedy corporations whose profits may slip if Kyoto gets ratified in the United States should not decide the future of our earth.

The neo-con's political priorities appease the corporations and are leading the US down an irreversible and destructive path. Corporate control over the media leaves the average American uneducated about the degrading environment and the only thing that's going to help reduce car emissions is extremely high gas prices.

It's funny how a deadly hurricane in New Orleans, possibly a result of climate change can drive up gas prices and force millions of people to carpool and reduce emissions to effectively help the environment. The earth is sending us a message. How many disastrous natural acts will it take to open up the eyes of the world?


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