Thursday, March 03, 2005

Altruistic humans deserve our thanks

This article is dedicated to the amazing people all over the world who dedicated their time, energy and sometimes their entire lives to helping others; often in places where their lives are in danger. I don't think these people receive enough recognition for their efforts.

I wanted to send out my regards to my Aunt (Linda Veldhuizen) who for the last 16 years has dedicated her life to helping foster children in the Philippines. She is the Director of Noah's Ark Home for Children in a small town 10 hours from Manilla. They provide food, clothing and shelter for kids who aren't fortunate enough to have these luxuries. They also provide the kids a chance to receive education. There aren't enough people like her in this world, and I wish I had the courage and the will to do what she does; she's a very strong lady. She's had to deal with bomb threats, typhoons and many other obstacles that have gotten in her way, but she has stuck with it because her heart is too big to be overcome by anything.

I did a quick search on the Internet for my Aunt Linda and here are a few web pages that came up:



scarbs said...

I agree with you the world needs more people like your Aunt!

I'm sure everyone out there has a cause thats important to them. If everyone would help out a little bit and get involved this planet would be a much nicer place to live in!

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