Saturday, February 19, 2005

Club Bouncer Egos

My friends and I occasionally go out to a bar after work on Fridays. There are 2 bars that we usually frequent because the 'Happy Hour' replenishes us with $2 beers until 9PM. The bouncers at the one club are very unfriendly and as of late, have been finding reasons not to let us in. Last time we visited the bar, we weren't let in because the shoes we were wearing weren't dress shoes; another time it was because I didn't have a collared shirt. Yet another time it was because we weren't 25 years old. There always seems to be something, yet over the years they have let us in on many occasions even though our dress/age didn’t comply with their 'official' rules. It seems they just decide whether to enforce such rules depending on the mood their in and depending on how many girls you have with you. (And how good looking those girls are).

Yesterday I was so determined not to get rejected that I went to the mall at lunch and bought new shoes that are slightly more dressy than my normal 'going out shoes' and I bought a new button-up shirt to wear as well. There was no way I was going to get rejected this time. Not long before I left work, I spoke to my brother whom expressed interest in coming to the club with us after work. I told him to dress up nicely so that we wouldn't get rejected. He complied and everything was looking good. We waited in the huge lineup for about 20 minutes in extremely cold weather. When they were finally ready to let us in, they asked us for identification and then informed us that we can’t be let inside because my brother is 'Under 25'. I think this is quite ridiculous, considering I'm under 25, and he was going to let me in. I suppose they just don’t want 19 year olds in the club, which is somewhat understandable. So we went to the 'backup' bar which doesn’t have as good a crowd, but the cover charge is $5 (instead of $7), and the drinks are even cheaper ($1.75 for domestic bottles) until 9:00PM. Coincidentally, the 'backup' bar has the same owners as the other bar, but the entrance requirements seem to be more relaxed. Hence the weaker crowd ;)


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